Friday, 26 August 2016

Sadiq the Crook

This is Sadiq Khan. He is Mayor of London. He has a big fat office on the south bank of the Thames. I am thinking he can get to any where in London in his chauffer driven car in no time at all IF he should need to. He also has the option of the bus and the Tube.  So why is he working whist travelling on an overland train?


This is a posed picture. He was probably reading the newspaper prior to the picture being taken. The idea being to make Jeremy Corbyn look stupid. That is not on any train I have been in so I assume it is not your standard cattle class truck. This man knows how to lie and London will rue the day he was voted into his meagre post. He is only the mayor of fucking London but he thinks he is the king. Asshole!


I am not Labour/socialist, but Corbyn is a greater man than he will ever be!

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