Thursday, 22 September 2016


The result of the Brexit referendum has caused all sorts of whining from the remain camp.

Younger voters are saying that older voters have destroyed their future. This of course is absolute bollox. If you look at the figures it becomes plain to see that, if any one destroyed their future it was they themselves as an apathetic bunch of nobodies.

In the following picture you can see that the older the demographic the more responsibility they  took to get to the polling station and cast their vote in the referendum.


Only 36% of younger voters could be bothered to get off their arse and walk the short distance to the polling station. That means 64% didn’t think it was important enough to vote. That 64% could have made the difference for the remainers.

There were some voters that voted out, that later said if could vote again they would vote to stay. This surprised me. This referendum was the one and only opportunity for everyone to have their say. I find it incongruous that people would vote to leave because they never believed that Brexit could win. What cracked Logic is that? Such people who treated their vote with such contempt didn’t deserve the vote in the first place.

Of course the powers that be never believed that Brexit could win which, of course, is why they put that less than honourable buffoon Boris in charge of the leave campaign. Well fuck them and their arrogance!

David Cameron as the PM should have stayed out of the fight. Instead he should have been the referee, making sure that both sides played by the rules, fairly, but no he took a stance which he should have known would put his leadership in jeopardy. Then, when his arrogance lost the referendum, he walked away from his responsibility DUTY to see things through to the end. A more cowardly politician does not exist. Cameron is a pigmy of a man. He has proven this in the past on many occasions and only deserves our contempt.

I don’t mind saying I voted out, but I encouraged everyone in my ‘circle’ to vote.


I placed these posters on my FB timeline. You will see I didn’t say you should vote OUT, I didn’t say you should vote IN. I said you should VOTE. I thought voting was more important than how you vote! We have the vote because people fought to get us the vote. Not voting is not responsible, it is not a protest. It is an abrogation of civil responsibility. I have nothing but utter contempt for those people who let the UK down in her hour of need.

Remainers do not have any issue with Leavers their argument is with those who, on the day, failed to do their DUTY.

Ciao Maffi

Odd fact. In London more people voted OUT than voted for Sadiq Kahn to be mayor. Odd that he is fighting to take London out of the UK so it can stay in the EU. Another Pigmy!

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Boatwif said...

My Dad taught me, now a very long time ago:
"If you don't vote don't complain"
nb Cleddau