Sunday, 18 September 2016

Time to revamp the Bathroom

Ever since Milly M was built the bathroom was wrong. The design was right (I did that), but the orientation was wrong. The builder should have explained that the whole room should be rotated 180 degrees. The toilet itself couldn’t have been further from the tank if I had put it on the roof. From the pump at the back of the toilet to the tank there laid a 15 foot pipe about 2 inches in diameter. The length of this pipe has posed flushing problems for the last ten years (on one occasion re spraying the bedroom whilst trying to unblock the pipe). Time to change that. The whole bathroom needed turning around 180 degrees. I engaged the services of one Barry Cousins who had fitted out the boat of my friend Colin Gregory, Sleepy Otter.

The first task was to move the boat around so we could work. Guitars and amps had to be taken to the front quarters, as were a pile of books, to make room to strip the bathroom furniture out ready to remove the bedroom bulk head and the opposite one for the office. The whole bathroom was carefully dismantled piece by piece.

20160706_103404 The porthole on the right ended up covered by the shower wall

20160706_135437This is the office with the bulkhead removed.
Never seen it like that before

20160706_23533520160706_23543520160706_235350 Once we had removed all the furniture and bulkheads the floor was lifted. This was necessary because there had been a leak from the shower and the flooring had rotted. Not only the laminate, but also the 18mm underfloor.

There was some rust which I treated. The pipework and cables, of which there were many, I had to re run and reduce the pipes and cables which the builder had errantly run under the floor. They still run under the floor but there was lots less after I had done my magic.



This is the solenoid that flushes the toilet. It hasn’t worked for 3 or 4 years. In order to flush the toilet in that time I used the shower head which just reached. I stripped the valve down, removed all the lime scale and put Vaseline in the valve on the moving parts.Hopefully that will stop the lime scale from coming back too soon.

20160707_092810The shower pump which can be seen under the bed was moved to the office under  a cupboard. We had to lift the floor of the cupboard an inch to accommodate it.


20160708_234128By the time the new floor went down the the pipes and cables were a lot tidier and greatly reduced.

20160709_15025820160709_150522 When the shower was cut in to the floor it was a far better fit than the original effort by the builder.

20160709_171356 The old office bulkhead now refitted against the bedroom. Pipe work and cables refitted ready for the basin stand. The outlets for the shower and hand basin were on opposites sides of the boat and were interchangeable. 


20160712_180035 Flooring was laid and the remainder used as a splash back. The next day I decided to continue the flooring all the way up the wall. This involved removing the bathroom cabinet again. I think you will agree it looks fab.


My old hand basin got cracked by something falling out of the cabinet so we replaced that with a smaller one. The pipe work would be boxed in later.

20160725_232054Pipes tidied away, just some trim to fix and varnish to put on

20160713_192647 We fitted a new shower unit whilst keeping the same shower cabinet. There is a porthole behind this wall.

I am very pleased with the finished job. Barry is a bit OCD (and all screw heads have to be lined up), but he is good very good. Of all the wood we took out we used almost every single stick. Obviously the floor was replaced, wood was bought to box in the pipework and some very expensive mahogany trim. Barry did all the woodwork and I helped by holding bits to be drilled/sawed etc. I dealt with the plumbing and electrics. Barry doesn’t come cheap, but as in all things you get what you pay for. Total bill was about £1300 this included the shower fitting the hand basin and the laminate flooring. If any one wants his number ask me in the comments box.


Les Biggs said...

Yes the tiles up the wall look fantastic.

Unknown said...

Very Nice!

Saw Sleepy Otter on my recent trip, (just returned) lovely boat, unusual colour scheme and I really like the sleepy otter on the side.

Good choice Maffi.