Thursday, 3 November 2016

Where is the Democracy!

Prior to the Referendum the House of commons were given the opportunity to vote on the referendum. They voted 6-1 in favour of “Let the people decide”. The people decided.

So arrogant were they that there would be an IN vote they never bothered to put in checks and balances to ensure fair play, they even put Boris the Moron in charge of the Brexit campaign to ensure a Remain win.

Lo and behold Remain didn’t pay off and the people voted OUT!  Of those MPs that voted to “Let the people decide”, approximately 560, I wonder how many are now fighting to stay in?

Democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people. The people spoke and government are not listening. So where is the democracy? Currently we have Government of the people for Profit! When are we going to wake up and see that we are being screwed over by the very people we elected to represent us? I wonder why the HoC voted against the populace being able to recall their representative and fire his arse if he didn’t perform as he promised he would do!

What we have currently is a group of corporations who are self-seeking. House of Commons PLC, House of Lords PLC, Conservative PLC, Labour PLC. Individual Government departments are PLCs, Our Judiciary is a PLC our Police forces are PLCs. Local councils are PLCs. (Don’t take my word for it go look at Companies House). The people that lead those corporations are as crooked as the Thames.  David Cameron is a crook as is his family, George Osbourne is a crook as is his family, Teresa May is a crook as is her family. There are few people in Parliament/government who are not crooks. They might have started out meaning well but then the crooks got a hold of them and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Then they became crooks.

We are getting to the point where we will have to fight those we elected to represent us, for our very existence. Is this what we want? Do we really want a civil war? And who will win? Not the little people, not the medium  people but the 1%- the big people. They will win because they can just continue globe trotting on their luxury £100 million yachts which they got from plundering little peoples pension funds.  What we need is another Oliver Cromwell to come along and kick the shit out of the so call peoples servants. Nigel Cromwell? Oliver Farage?

I would urge every one to read Orwell’s 1984 then you might just begin to understand what is in store for us in the not so distant future.


Sue said...

It's all rubbish Maffi.. Why didn't the judges rule that the government should not have a referendum? They rule now that the referendum was a total waste of time and effort by all who voted.

Jim said...

The function of the judiciary is to protect our democracy by ensuring that all of us, even the government, act within the law. Our parliament is sovereign - that is one of the things that we voted "Leave" to protect - and this judgement protects that. It does not in itself prevent "Brexit" happening.

Teresa May wants to use the "royal prerogative" to get us out of the EU in whatever way she sees fit, whether or not it corresponds to the will of the people expressed in the referendum concerning immigration and single market membership. It would be bad enough if we had the Royals excercising a prerogative in this way but for someone who is only in a position to do so because all her rivals were so pathetic that they couldn't sustain a challenge to her would be anti-democratic in the extreme.

Maffi said...

This is a case that should never have been taken by three PRO EU Judges.

Out is out, We never voted to have attachments after we left. If that is what the Judicial interference is going to ensure happens then fine, but these crooks have a financial interest in staying in.

Jim said...

Leaving aside the fact that you cannot possibly know that the judges concerned are "pro EU" how can you say that "we never voted to have attachments after we left". That wasn't the question on the ballot paper. You may have thought that was what you were voting for, some of the rest of us didn't.
And how would you feel if Teresa May decides that we will stay in the single market after we leave and neither you, me nor either of our representatives in parliament can do anything about it?

Most "leave" voters want the UK to "take back control" and the way we control the UK is through parliament. It's true that some people will have a financial interest in staying in, but didn't Nigel and Boris promise us we'd all be better off if we left? If we believed them then we have. "financial interest " in getting out.
And I can't agree that British Judges sitting in a British court and interpreting British law are in any way "interfering". You seem to overlook that all they are saying is that our (unwritten)) constitution requires that parliament has a say in how and when we leave the EU.
Or would you rather leave that to one individual who is only in a position to do so by chance?