Friday, 16 December 2016


Earlier this year.
The House of Commons voted 6-1 (557-93) to, “Let the people decide”. Later in an information paper produced by David Cameron at a cost of £9,000,000 we were told:-


So we voted.
Admittedly by a small margin, to Leave. The government hadn’t bothered to place limitations on the vote size by count or percentage! Why would that be? Could it be that the government were so arrogant thinking that the vote would be to Remain that they didn’t bother? They were so certain we would vote to stay in that they insured their mis-judgement of the British people by appointing Boris Johnson, that well known blunderer, to lead the Brexit campaign. Putting this buffoon in charge of anything is an insult to democracy.

Yes the out campaign did say some very misleading things, but then so did the in campaign. The £350,000,000 to fund the NHS was always going to be a no-no. Whether or not it will happen is doubtful, but we are not out yet! Even if that money was written in stone for the NHS it is currently still being paid to the EU and will be for another two years at least. So all the shouting about why is the NHS waiting is pretty pointless.

We currently have bigger problems! Problems generated by the cowardly action of the exPM David Cameron in his resignation. He reneged once again on his promises. He resigned because, like a child having a tantrum, he didn’t get his own way. His resignation let in Teresa May who is totally unsuitable to be in charge of the negotiations. She hasn’t got a clue, totally out of her depth. Added to that she campaigned to stay in, so she is the opposition.

Exit plan.
So why was there not an exit plan? Given the importance of the referendum why did the government not have a strategy for leaving the EU? Even an outline plan would have been something!

The lack of an exit plan, of any kind, is proof positive of the government’s contempt for the British people. Their belief that we would settle for a corrupt regime rather than change the status quo. So contemptuous that they blatantly insulted us, all the British people, by giving the Brexit campaign to an incompetent buffoon who couldn’t tie his own shoe laces without a map!

PM’s Job
I think the PM should have held a neutral position during the run up to the referendum. He should, as the leader of the government, made sure both sides played fair. In this he failed to understand that he is a public servant, and as such he had a duty to the whole British population, not just the 1% who largely comprise his mates.

I think.
David Cameron showed utter contempt for the post of PM and left the UK in the mire when he spat his dummy out. It is unbelievable that he now not only continues to draw an MP’s salary, but is entitled to a PM’s pension as well!

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