Saturday, 31 December 2016

Wolverhampton Flight

I moored Thursday afternoon at Aldersley Junction. I have now been up the flight 6 times, but I have never been down it. Yesterday I cast off at 9.15 and set off up the Wolverhampton lock flight.

On the way I had an altercation, at Lock 18, with a chap who let his dog shit on the towpath and refused to pick it up when I asked him. He threatened to give me a thumping if I didn't mind my own business. I reported him to the police.
2016-12-30 16.54.49
Its amazing that people try to pick a fight with a chap holding a steel windlass.

Around about lock 10 I had to stop to clear a jumper off my prop.20161230_125034_resized

I moored up above the top lock exactly 5 hours after I had started, at 2.15. Not a bad run considering I only opened one paddle on each lock all the way up (I had a bit of a scare a while back). However all locks were in my favour except the top one.


Andrew Tidy said...

Whilst I know you are not into boat races, the fastest modern time I have seen through the flight is 1hr 23min by NB Tacet. Mind you - they had a motivated crew of nearly a dozen at the time! Welcome back to Brum.

Maffi said...

I am sure there are those who can do it in no time at all, but I just add them on to my tosser's list. I don't think I can improve on my time other than not wrapping a jumper round my prop, Oh and something I didn't mention there was inch thick ice for the first 8 locks.

A crew of a dozen is a bit of a cheat!