Monday, 16 January 2017

A year on

Last year 2015 I asked the CRT why this gate, which is normally locked …….

20170106_112657….should be chained open. I was told that that criminals would hide in the darkness against the wall behind the bushes and as cyclists dismounted to negotiate the chicane they would be robbed.

20170106_112649CRT were asked if they would open the gate so cyclists could ride through without stopping, thereby avoiding being attacked. As a temporary measure this was a good idea, but what needed to be done was to cut back the bushes and improve the lighting. This was never done because of the cost.

But of course now, saving the cyclists from getting robbed has introduced a new problem. This ramp down to the gate allows cyclists to get up one hell of a speed before they get to the now open gate, rocketing them along the towpath endangering pedestrians.

20170106_112720Of course the placing of these info posts around the canals and the city didn’t cost anything!

20170106_112742People who use this path tend to be locals, so a map is as much use as a tits on a bull. Non-locals tend not to go sight-seeing in what is essentially a derelict part of town.  So the real problem has not been addressed.

On the other side of the canal, on the up stream side of the bridge is another of these chicanes. There are no bushes and no ramp but this gate is also locked open, I assume for the same reason. Proper lighting along the canal would greatly improve the security, yet the council are to busy on their prettification of the city.

DSCF2650DSCF2652DSCF2651So a year on the temporary solution is still in place and a permanent solution is probably on the back burner, never to see the light of day again!

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