Wednesday, 4 January 2017




Jim said...

Thanks for a classic example of "fake news". The "33 million" people took two diametrically-opposed decisions and the small group of people went to court to allow our democratically-elected parliament to take back control from an unelected prime minister.

Frank said...

Very true, so it's just as well that nothing like that happened nor was intended.

Hardly worth Mr Raab mentioning the matter, especially as it could lead some readers to think he was an idiot.

Happy new year.


A Heron's View said...

What I find as Outrageous is this : that a police force has the audacity to detect and execute without using the proper channels i.e.
arrest, trial, before Judge and Jury.

Maffi said...

Its a cost saving exercise Brian.

Maffi said...

Frank your post defies my understanding.

Maffi said...

Jim, I fail to see how this is 'fake news'.

Thirty three million voters exercised their democratic right to vote Remain or Leave. The majority voted to leave. This is a FACT!

No PM is ever elected to the post of PM it is always the leader of the party with the most MPs. This also is a FACT!

A small group, of rich elitist losers, are taking this to the courts, to Pro Remain Judges, to overturn a democratic vote. Again this too is a FACT!

Which of these three FACTS are you having a problem with?

Are you just another sad Remoaner?

PS Our democratically elected Parliament voted 6-1 in a HoC vote to "Let the people decide". WE DECIDED live with it!

Frank said...

It's simple enough Maffi.

The "small group" did not ask the court to overturn the people's decision to leave. They asked the court to rule that parliament should be involved (rather than Mrs May alone). In other words, they wanted democracy to prevail.

The judges made a point of saying that they were not seeking to influence the people's decision, Mr Raab or indeed yourself, can read this judgement in full, for free, on line.

I seem to remember that a return of power to parliament was a major plank in the exit campaign.

I'm happy to believe that Mr Raab might be unable to understand this distinction (he doesn't look the brightest IMHO) but I know that you understood my post perfectly.


Jim said...

It is fake news because it implies that all 33 million voters voted to leave. You and I know that's not the case but the target audience of Mr Raab may not. It's also fake because it explicitly states that the court case was intended to overturn the referendum. Again, you and I know this is wrong as the court was only asked to decide how we leave the EU not whether we do so. I can only presume that the purpose of Mr Raab's post was to raise his own profile.

And yes, the Prime Minister of the U.K. is appointed rather than directly elected, but the "leader of the largest party" usually has to go through an electoral process to gain that position. Theresa May didn't and over six months after we voted to leave we seem to be further away than ever from doing so.

Maffi said...

33 million people were involved in the decision making process.

All May is doing is what that useless bastard Cameron should have done. Blame him if you have a gripe. She stepped up to the plate when that cowardly bastard walked from his responsibility.