Wednesday, 4 January 2017

In response to Jim on Brexit post

Jim, I fail to see how this is 'fake news'.

Thirty three million voters exercised their democratic right to vote Remain or Leave. The majority voted to leave. This is a FACT!

No PM is ever elected to the post of PM it is always the leader of the party with the most MPs. Like it or not May is the leader of the party with the most MPs. This also is a FACT!

A small group, of rich elitist losers, are taking this to the courts, in front of Pro Remain Judges, to overturn a democratic vote. Again this too is a FACT!

Which of these three FACTS are you having a problem with?

Are you just another sad Remoaner?

PS Our democratically elected Parliament voted 6-1 in a HoC vote to "Let the people decide". WE DECIDED live with it!

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