Thursday, 19 January 2017

On the Old Main Line

I first came down the Old Main Line in 2006 just after I got my boat. At that time this hut had recently been refurbished. I remember it well. Exactly what was to happen to it was uncertain, but it was again pristine. History tells the story. It would seem its purpose was to fuel the tiny minds of the local ‘bastards’ who had, at this time, never done shit worth spitting on (and probably still haven’t). One night some time after my visit the mindless arsonists set fire to it. There was no rhyme nor reason they just set fire to it. There was no consideration for all the hard work that had been put into its renovation. They just torched it. Selfish little bastards!

Is it any wonder it just sits on the side of the lock looking dejected and hasn’t been refurbed again?


1 comment:

Andrew said...

I believe it was a replica, built in recent years (1990s) rather than a restoration. But I'm not sure - must check.