Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Websters

When I was about 13 I started babysitting for a neighbour. The Websters lived one electricity sub station, one Liberty Café, and about 7 houses away in the next road. Nathan was about 2 1/2, Julie was about 1 1/2, Mum would have been about 30. This is Nathan, Julie, and their mum June now, dad Reg unfortunately passed away about three years ago. The last time I recall seeing them was about 53 years ago, but they reliably inform me they were at my wedding 48 years ago. Julie says she remembers me in my RAF uniform so that would have been about 45 years ago. But even so that was a long time ago.

I subscribe to a Facebook page about my home town Mitcham. A girl made a comment that rang a bell with and I asked her if she was Woo (a name her family called her as a baby).  She asked how did I know that. When I explained who I was we said we would meet up when I went down on to the River Wey during the summer.

This was us when we met in September. Nathan had arrive back in the UK only a few days before from Australia. Julie and June live in Epsom I think. It was so nice to see them after all this time.


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