Friday, 3 March 2017

Empathy vs religion

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Marilyn McDonald said...

So true, Maffi.

Maffi said...

It so is MM. How are we going to sort it?

Marilyn McDonald said...

I'd like to say ban them all, with compulsory brain washing (as in cleaning out fairy stories) sessions until the fever has gone.
But I know that isn't allowed, dammit!
Set Christopher Hitchens as compulsory reading or compulsory Youtube watching?
Give up being respectful of religion - or at least give it the same respect religious people give atheism/atheists - and take on saying it as we see it, noticing the wish thinking and the prevalence of imaginary friends ...

Marilyn McDonald said...

OK, I checked out Christopher Hitchens on this and in 'god is not great: How religion poisons everything', he wrote:

"There is nothing in modern secular argument that even hints at any ban on religious observance. Sigmund Freud was quite correct to describe the religious impulse, in The Future of an Illusion, as essentially ineradicable until or unless the human species can conquer its fear of death and its tendency to wish-thinking. Neither contingency seems very probable. All that the totalitarians have demonstrated is that the religious impulse—the need to worship—can take even more monstrous forms if it is repressed."

So my view of banning religions clearly doesn't work. Let's go for further evolution to get rid of the fear of death and wish thinking then.

Cheers, Marilyn