Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Short Measure?

Maid of the Mill £3.40



Sue said...

Ooops... Ah they obviously don't know you well at Maid of the Mill ;)

Frank said...

The Maid of the Mill is a) close to the canal
b) dog friendly
c) next door to a chip shop
d) no worse than other pubs in Atherston
Perhaps a few cc of Guinness is the price you pay for all the above features - better than getting your fingers wet or Guinness down your clothes.

You may say that isn't the choice but it does tend to be these days - I rarely encounter a properly poured pint anymore.

Maffi said...

That really isn't the point. In a Guinness glass 7mm =5% of the glass volume that is the required minimum. So for every 20 pints you drink you pay for 21! When a glass is placed in front of you with a 7mm head you can ask for a top up and they cannot argue. The top of the harp is 15mm from the brim. That is just over 10% of the volume. So at 7mm every 21st pint they sell is 100% profit. At 15mm every 11th pint they sell is 100% profit. In both these cases that 100% profit is your money that pubs have stolen from you by giving you short measure. Now I doubt they do this on purpose (some may. Many don't know. Many staff are never told. Those that are told don't understand what it is they are told.
I was once told by a barman, 'I have been on a course and I am allowed to serve you a 95% glass'. He had no real knowledge of the rules and what that 95% meant to me as a customer, and he had no idea what 95% of the glass was, serving me a pint to the top of the harp. Indeed many bar staff think that where it says pint on the glass is the proper measure and have no concept of brim-full measure.
A chap who goes out twice a week and drinks 2 pints each time he goes out will consume 208 pints during the year, which should cost @£3.40pp £707.20 He will pay for 218.4 that's £742.56. That's £35.36. Of course that is at £3.40 pp you can pay up to £5 pp That's £1092 over £100
Now if you went into the bar and asked for a free pint one night the publican would tell you where to go. He is not giving away free pints, but in fact all you are asking for is one of the many pints for which you have already paid.
I know running a pub is not easy but if I only offered to pay 95% of the asking price where would I be standing after the publican took the beer away? That's right out on the street!

Frank said...

I'm sure that all you say is completely correct Maffi and I, as a significant consumer of draft guinness, am more affected than most.

However the standard of bar-keeping is generally poor and this seems to apply especially to guinness. I would rather have a little less than wait forever for my "pint" to be correctly filled. The alternative seems to be a glass with foam running down the side, potentially making a mess of your clothing or/and a pool on the table (particularly given the increasing lack of beer mats).

I agree that the "innocent errors" are all to the landlord's benefit and none to the customer but (IMHO) seven percent is not wort getting stressed about. I have had my first stroke and don't plan to have another if it can be helped.