Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The Perils of Boating

So here I am in Streethay Wharf. I have a problem with with water. It wont stay on the right side. The right side being the outside.

It was two weeks ago that I moved up to Shade House Lock. And during that short trip I was disturbed at the angle of the boat in the water. At the top of SHL I inspected the bilges. There was about 200 litres of water in the dry bilge! I baled it out, not knowing where the water was getting in from.

The next day it travelled to Rugely. In Rugely I bought a wet vac. In ARGOS the cheapest was nearly £100. In SCREWFIX a good machine was £36. SCREWFIX won.

Since then I have been taking water out every day.

Mean while I organised with the Wharf to have an inspection (I was worried the bow thruster tube {BTT} might be leaking). Having not used the BTT in many years I decided to have the tube closed off. All was set for Thursday last week, if the boat on the slip was off, close but no banana. Streethay said they would fit me in next week (this week). The good thing is it seems the water is coming from the fresh water tank, but for piece of mind I am going ahead with welding the tube.

Well I finally got on the slipway this morning. Tom the Yard Manager asked if I wanted to black it while I am out (it needed it even though it was only blacked 18 months ago). I said no because I hadn't vectored in the 4 days required, however after a bit of thought I phoned Tom and ask if they would do it, in preference to me. I have blacked a number of boats, including Milly M twice and I really didn’t want to do it again. We agreed they would do it.

So it works out I am out of the water for for blacking and while I am out the tube is welded up. Although it is the other way around.

During all this, several days ago I noticed smoke coming from the chimney, inside the cabin. Not a problem I just filled the connection between the collar and the flue pipe with sealer. Good try, but in doing that I found there was a 3 x 1 hole in the flue, does it never end! I filled that hole with sealer. which has temporarily saved me from asphyxiation.

Life as a boater is somewhat perilous and I am glad I was able to work out what the various problems were before the boat sank or I was  dead.


wozie said...

Hope everything will be fixed and it will be plain sailing for you from now on.

Maffi said...

Not quite I still have the leak to fix but that is now down to the pump. The water valve to the toilet has stopped working now.