Saturday, 1 April 2017


For those of you who remember my nearly sinking the Milly M before Christmas, this was the reason.  This was sticking out from the front of the boat. It has to be an inch and a quarter long. 20170307_115114
It is now about one quarter inch. Thanks to the chap who welded up the BT tube.


Rog n Jane said...

Went back and read your account of incident. Don't know how I managed to miss it, other than it was posted on 20 December so must have got lost in the whole christmas thing.
Frightening to read, so I shudder to think what you went through at the time.
I do love a happy ending.
nb Paneke

roger said...

Hi Maffi,
sorry we couldn't catch up with you yesterday, hope that you can get through Lock 9 ok.

we have mentioned you on our Blog -

happy travels, Heather & Roger, NB Celtic Kiwi