Friday, 12 May 2017

Many hands.

These two pictures tell a story. A story of futility. It was necessary to remove a railing along the river to cut back some bushes. Simple job just undo the nut and bolt at each end of the railing and lift it out. NO! Too simple. You will notice there is a rusty section. In order to remove the railing the ‘tradesman’ took an angle grinder to the rail. For some time it was wired back together, then this time I saw it it had been welded into this, this bodge.


What is amazing is this job, for a pair of spanners, was done with an angle grinder and a welding kit and took six months to finish.


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Oakie said...

These sort of jobs often beggar belief and how much are the ratepayers charged for doing it? It's no wonder councils have no money!