Saturday, 12 October 2019

Guess what I did this summer?

Well the summer is over and the Maffster has been busy.

I have a new painted roof,

Mushroom up dated

I have newly painted side door inside with new art work bought in France.

My side panels have been attended to and are now looking very smart. I never did like the curves in the corners of the panels mainly because they were hand done. Now they are sporting a smart angular go faster stripe including shadow,

not to forget a smart new antique brass door handle on the back slide.

Talking ‘new’ I found this in a charity shop, the teapot not Susan.

This blog has taken some time to put together mainly because a very good writing tool has been discontinued by Microsoft. but also because the Blogger editor is crap, it was crap when it started 15 or more years ago and it has managed to live up to that standard!


Sue said...

Your life seems oh so smart now... :)

Sue said...

Oh, use 'Open Live Writer'

Andy said...

You finally got it done! Well done. She's looking very smart. Like the rear hatch handle and side hatch art not so sure about the vents.

Carol said...

Hi Maffi,
Milly M is looking very smart, you've been busy! For what it's worth, I don't have any trouble at all using Blogger for my posts, perhaps it's because I use an Apple Mac and Apple's 'Photo' for editing pictures and write the blog whilst connected to the internet.
Regards to you and Susan from both of us.

111111111 said...

Welcome back to cyberspace. You've been missed!

Lesley K said...

Love the slide handle Maffi.