Friday, 25 November 2005


The bedroom is very simple.
A 6 ft bed lies along the left wall, the head up against the shower room bulkhead. At the foot of the bed galley end a 3 ft wide wardrobe against the wall with the hanging space at the bottom and two drawers atop and an up and over cupboard above that. I may have to reduce the width of the wardrobe to allow a longer bed, but hey, how much space do you need for six pairs of jeans and a dozen tee-shirts? Not much, but you ladies can't come away for the weekend without 3 weeks worth of clothes, just in case.

Directly opposite, a shoe shrank that protrudes about 1 ft from the wall. It seems that a cupboard over the head of bed is usual I see no reason not to have one if only to support the reading lamp. A small shelf for my morning coffee at arms reach opposite the bed (always assuming that I can find someone to make one from time to time). There will be a 4 ft window centralised on each wall.

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