Friday, 25 November 2005


There are several options for the galley.
Often a centre aisle is the norm with the galley on either side. The problem here is people coming past when you are working in the galley. A real pain so I am told. You could have a 'U' shaped galley with the 'corridor' to one side. Or even an 'L' shaped galley. I have seen a central island type but I don't think this makes good use of the space, though on a holiday boat it may be OK. I went for a combination of 'L' and centre aisle. Sink cooker and cupboards on one side in an 'L' shape and then fridge and cupboards on the other side though not the full length of the galley. Culminating with central louvred doors to the bedroom.
The cupboards that form the 'L' shape, like any kitchen with corner units, the corner one is always difficult to fully utilise. So instead of fitting a 'carousel' type fitting to the door (which in my mind is a waste of space anyway) I plan not to have any access to that corner in the galley. There is a door to the left of the stove in the living room to access that space. The cooker is fitted on the Centre line directly behind the stove, with a hob on top in the short end of the 'L'.

The kitchen sink, with a mono bloc faucet, will face a 4 ft window with small cupboards over and beside. On the opposite wall will be a hatch. There will be two cupboards under the hatch separated by single column wine rack that should hold 7 bottles, however to enable the hatch to be used as an escape, the centre bottle will be replaced with a reinforced box section containing a length of 3 x 3 timber that can be slid out wards to form a step. For the sake of safety I suppose I will just have to survive on six bottles.
To the left of the cupboards is the fridge with a Microwave on top and another cupboard on top of that to the ceiling with up opening door, all built in to look like one unit. Of the cupboards under the hatch the one nearest the front access will be angled away to the wall make it easier for passing through.

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