Friday, 25 November 2005

Living Room

It seems to me from those that I have seen, that the 'norm' is to have a stove in one corner, often at the front. This means having a stovepipe sitting at a jaunty angle. Well, I tend to like things symmetric so that was not an option for me. I placed my stove on the centre line against the living room/galley bulkhead. This makes it about 19 ft from the bow. Not only putting the stove further down the boat but also from a ballasting point of view kept the weight in the middle crosswise. The front bulkhead is probably a bit ambitious in that it has cupboards, draws and bookcases to each side of the main door.

Making allowances for two comfy swivel chairs I placed a foldaway table halfway down the left side. This gives me enough room for a coffee table. If the plan works well I should be able to place two folding chairs behind the table against the wall and a footstool beside each swivel chair. On one boat I have seen, instead of having a central leg on the foldaway table, a removable post hung from the ceiling suspended it. Heating other than the stove will be by 'FinRads'.

With the stove in the centre of the bulkhead, I have placed a door to access the galley corner unit on the left (corner units in kitchens are difficult to utilise fully) and access to the galley to the right.

The room will be finished with one 5 ft window centred either side. I know there are people who will say that I am not thinking about security and they would be right. I have no intention of living in a steel tunnel with little light. Some say that they have portholes and there is plenty of light, to them I would say GET REAL! The room where I am writing this is about 12 x 12 and one 4 x5 window is barely enough, and remember I live in a very sunny desert in the Middle East.
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Hi steve Just read all your postings on the boat it looks great and i cant wait to see it on the water good luck and happy and safe boating