Saturday, 26 November 2005


The office has to double as a spare single bedroom so it is not only important to be able to hide the bed when not in use, but to have a small cupboard or table to place a clock etc. I did not place the doors against the wall, rather about 9 inches out. Utilising the area up to the gunwale I have 6ft 6in x 3 ft x 9 ins against the left hand wall in which to build the foldaway, plenty.

Opposite this are more cupboards mounted with a 'work top' to act as a desk. A sliding tray under the worktop, to hold my keyboard, with a flat screen monitor on top. The CPU can fit in one of the cupboards. Unless, of course I go for the laptop idea. Maybe both who knows.
One 3ft window either side of the boat with small cupboards either side over the 'desk'.
The Back cabin is closed off with two central louvered doors.

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