Saturday, 26 November 2005


As far as fixtures and fittings go, I trawled round all the DIY sites and downloaded pics of stuff that I liked. Using the program that I do it is easy to paste them into the drawings. You can't always put them in the position they will go because of the angle of the photo, but they can be pasted alongside the drawing to show the builder what you want.


I have used a number of lights in each room. 4 dome lights in the living room for general illumination. Conected in pairs diagonally And 2 wall mounted lights for reading.

Only 3 dome lights in the galley. One either side of the sink and one over the hatch. I think I might put an extra one over the cooker. Its one of those things that you don’t know till it’s built

There are two dome lights in the bedroom and one fluorescent/or dome over the bed head.

Two domes equally spaced diagonally across the shower room, and a lamp of the same type used in the living room for reading for the shaving mirror.

Two domes and a fluorescent in the office and a further 2 domes in the back cabin. I do like the idea of putting two domes in the engine hole made to operate when the steps are lifted, however I think proper flameproof bulkhead lights will be safer here.

I am installing blue safety diodes at each access point including one in the end of the ‘step’ in the wine rack. Being as none of the doors will reach the ceiling the diodes are to be placed directly above the doors so that one can be seen from either side. If ever there is a necessity to move around the boat after lights out or in an emergency it will be a simple matter of following the blue lights.

I have placed brass mushroom vents along the centre line of the roof. Enough for adequate ventilation and then some.

I can't get away from the BSS requirement for fire extinguishers, but I will not have dry powder. I have used one of these in anger before and I don't want to go through that again.

Plank, ropes, fenders and boat hook/pole

These come as standard fit from the builder.

Having spent more than 500 hours doing all this I can only hope it all works out. Proof of the pudding is in the cruising, so to speak.

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