Friday, 25 November 2005


No bath in this boat.The shower cubicle is placed to back on to the bedroom bulkhead with a Rail across the top centre of the shower cubicle to hang rain sodden clothes (dual functionality). The basin, toilet and cabinet etc are on the shower/office bulkhead.
So walking from the bedroom you enter by the bottom right hand corner. The toilet bowl is straight in front with a hand basin to the left set on a suitable shelf extending out to the wall but narrowing behind the toilet. I shall have a dropped front to the shelf to hide the pipe work and a linen cupboard under having a louvered door. I have opted for what looks like a freestanding oval basin with a monobloc faucet. A mirror fronted wooden cabinet in line with basin at shaving height. I only hope that I don’t have any female guests that need to use it to shave.
Standing at the basin, the shower is left and behind in the corner. The louvered privacy doors beside the basin are not set tight against the wall and open inwards or maybe swing. In the centre of the wall, space between the shower and the doors, will be an obscured porthole, with a duplicate in the other side, more or less over the toilet.

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