Saturday, 26 November 2005


I have not dwelt on the technical stuff simply because I don't know how all this goes together. The builders will do the plumbing and electrickery bits they know how it's done. Other than specifying what engine, what power supplies etc it's a bit out of my league. Give me a C130 Hercules to play with or a Harrier or even a Vulcan Bomber and I am OK but all this boaty stuff leaves me cold. It's so very different to aeroplanes.

At this time it's a toss up between the Barras Shire 45 bhp and the Beta Greenline 43 bhp. The Barras certainly looks like it can kick ass, but I have a liking for painted engines, especially green ones. Not a sound way of choosing an engine I know but at least I am not just choosing between the green one and the grey one. I do have some idea what the spec sheet is telling me. There is no difference on the price and would I really notice the difference of two extra horses. I doubt it.

I will be using the washer/dryer only when cruising so I have asked for a 220Vac generator to run off the engine. All other equipment will run off an inverter.

Yes I am going to live aboard permanently so I will have need of some home comforts but my 35 years as an aircraft engineer will stand me in good stead for fault finding, maintaining the engine etc. As long as the builder knows what I want that is all I need to input at this stage.

All this is a far cry from my original conception of "two batteries and reading by hurricane lamp", but I don’t envisage any real problems. There are those who will be smirking and saying 'Poor fellow' and I don't doubt that I will have problems, but there is nothing that cannot be fixed and given that I have spent most of my working life fixing some very complex aircraft systems, I think I have the necessary back ground to cope. Only time will tell.

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