Friday, 16 March 2007

Day two on the river

Don't know why, but I was up with the bloody larks again this morning. this is getting to be a habit, one I am not liking!

I upped sticks early and went to fill up wih diesel. This is not easy on a river. Forgetting to make allowances for the flow I was pushed into a nb moored right at the entrance, Ka-boom. That rocked him a bit. No biggie but a few flakes of paint learned to swim. In the marina the sign for fuel is a bit ambiguous. I eventually managed to weedle my way through a whole load of tupperware, make two turns and reverse up to the pump without causing further problems.

I went to see if I could get a mooring down on the Wey. The weir there is a bit feirce and slammed me against the bank. Won't do that again. Came back to the Anglers to wait for Neil. No show.

Bones had planned to take me down the Wey for a few days, but this morning she text me to say the top lock was closed on Monday for the week so maybe we can go back to Kingston for a couple of days.

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