Monday, 26 March 2007

Shame on them

“We have a dream”
A dream of cruising the beautiful canals and waterways of England in a fabulous bespoke Jason Clarke narrowboat.
Jason (J.M. Clarke Narrowboats Ltd) is a ‘Quality Time Served Craftsman’ Building ‘Inspired Boats for Inspired people….’

Yet another builder down the pan. J M Clarke Narrowboats LTD has ceased trading. But another company has started trading, J&M Clarke Narrowboats LTD, spot the difference. Once more a dreamer has been devastated by incompetence, lies and bullshit. It would appear that the company was in breach of contract. No only did they fail to insure the boat in accordance with the contract, but they failed to ensure the hull was secured properly against corrosion and water damage due to ingress of moisture. If, and I stress if, the new company treat their customer so shabbily then they don't deserve to succeed. However they have disassociated themselves from the former company with an email to Dreamer.

I know that J might say that he has been having personal problem, but that is not a good enough excuse. It doesn't matter what his problems are, he should deal with them. It was not Dreamers problem he shouldn't have to deal with them. I wonder if J considers the Dreamers situation as a problem or just tough tits. Probably neither.

How much longer has this fiasco with boat building companies going to be allowed to continue before someone in authority takes the initiative to investigate this debacle and make builders accountable. Why is the Fraud Squad not getting involved. If I sign a contract with someone it is legally binding. If I then take money from them to produce something and fail to produce the work then I have received money under false pretences. Obviously the BMF can only have any effect on its members. Even then is it statutory? I don't know how that works.

What I do know is that innocent people liker Dreamer are being shafted by people who, however good their boats are, are not good businessmen and should not be allowed to handle money belonging to others. With the regularity that builders are going under you could bet that by May there will be another one.

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