Sunday, 18 March 2007

Mothers Day

This getting up early is realy begining to piss me of. For forty years I have been the crapiest getter upper ever. Now that I don't have to get up, I am up long before I need to be. I was washed fed and ready to go. I even swept the tree debris off the roof. I drew it out as long as I could and left at 9:20. Although the river was down, the flow was fast. It took 3 hours to cruise the few miles upstream to Walton. Sunbury Lock was unmanned so that took about half an hour.
Mooring up to make a cup of coffee I checked my phone. Why do people call me when the phone is charging and never when it's in my pocket. Brother Ken was bringing my mother over to visit for Mothers day. I went out to the Old Swan and booked a table for dinner. Mum arrived just before 3 dinner at 3:30. This is probably the last time I will see her for a while. Happy Mothers Day mum.
Some people just amaze me. A guy pulled up at the Anglers and parked over the mooring chain across my knot and on my rope. I went into the pub to get him but couldn't find him. Later his wife came out to fetch something from the car. I asked her to get her husband to move his car off the rope. "Sorry," she said, "he probably didn't realise". I don't think he really gave a toss given that he parked in the middle of two parking spaces in a car lot that was otherwise full. It's a wharf and the chain is where boats tie up you Numpty twat!

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Anonymous said...

"a numpty...... what" Forsooth and shame on you, varlet! Although you are undoubtedly correct.