Saturday, 10 March 2007

The time looms

Wednesday 07 Mar

It is surprising who and why you meet people on the canal. Today two Asian girls walked past the boat. There was I busy polishing my boat and whistling as I worked and one of the girls said, "It is nice to see someone so happy".

To which I countered, "What's not to be happy about". Let's face I have a good life.

Minor interaction you might think, but later as I walked to the shop the girls were returning to work. We met on the foot swing bridge on the route along the towpath. I was still whistling and smiling … I do…. the girl again commented that it was so nice to see such a happy person.

My response consisted of, "It's all about what's important. To me it was having enough to stop working",

"I would like to hug you", she said. Maybe she hoped some of whatever it is I have would rub off on her. We hugged, she went on her way. Who's next? Form a queue.

Thursday 08 Mar

Today I met Mr Stanley Prince. Stanley had been married for 60 years. Quite a feat you might think, but Stanley's claim to fame was not being married for longer than I have been alive but for the fact that he had been struck by lightning on the football field in late 1938. How do I know this? Well he carried a copy of the news paper report of the day that his friend had died and he had survived. Given hours to live at the hospital he is now 86. His recovery took 9 month at which point Heir Hitler had the audacity to take the world into war. He spent his war years making parts for MTB's. Sadly Mrs Prince died 8 years ago.

I chatted to a chap yesterday who, as it happens, lives in Reading and works in Brentford. We were talking about the scratches on the boat and he suggested that I use a restorative wax polish which might help remove some of the many small scuffs I have acquired in the last four months. This lunchtime I was replenishing my water tank when he approached me and gave me two bottles of Turtle wax restorative polish (Dark Green). How cool is that? What a nice man.

Dr Bones called to ask if she and James could come over for a visit. It was timely that she called as I had dozed off and the fire was blazing in the hearth with the top door open sucking all the O2 out of the boat, she may well have saved my life. Thank you Dr Bones. Oh and nice to meet you James. And now I know Bones' proper name. Err no I aint telling.

Friday 09 Mar

Bought some paint at Homebase today and realised I left my loyalty card there. Bugger!

Saturday 10 Mar

The chap in the boat behind me phoned the Thames people today and they said it should be good for Monday or Tuesday so he booked the both of us through for Tuesday. Woo hoooo!

What is it with these reality TV shows. I know Fame Achamedy is for charity, but please its not very inspiring. There is only one 'contestsant that can sing and she only just scrapped through tonight. That Tara Palmer Thompkinson is totally flat never mind a half tone off key as Lesley Garret says she is FLAT and has the personality of a fish........battered. Get her off.


Anonymous said...

Take care on the Thames Maffi. We were walking alongside it at Reading this weekend and the current was scary. I suspect we would have been flat out just to stay still in our boat. Plenty of flooded meadows too. I'm not sure how long it takes to get rid of all that water.

Good luck anyway. We hope to do the same trip in herbie in a couple of months.

Maffi said...

Hi Neil

I am sitting it out at Brentford untill Thames says it'safe.