Sunday, 25 March 2007

Banter Day

Today was the boaters banter at Thames Court. About 18 boaters turned up which is quite substantial. Bones of course was there with James in tow and Sean who is building a boat, David and Ann of nb Bullfrog. Alan Jones nb Keeping Up as well as Mike, Lorraine Jen, James and Abbie better known on the forum as Skeets, and Ken and Christine. Stephen and Mrs Suggs bought little Lucy and John on the Wey arrived early with his son Micheal. Many others came who's names I seem to forget at this time but if you get in touch I will ammend accordingly.

What a good day it was. The sun showed its face and stayed most of the afternoon. I made frequent trips to Milly M for guided tours. surprisingly I tookno pics.

It all finished around 8 pm

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