Saturday, 17 March 2007

Look out Kingston, here we come!

We, Bones, Claire(Bones' Friend) and John-on-the-Wey all went to Kingston for the day. We took some Honey and plenty of money all wrapped in a five pound note. On the way we had a passing nod with Timothy Spall who didn't look very happy at all. He should have come with us we had a ball. Bones cooked a curry which was ready for when we moored up. Good curry it was too. I wonder if she can do it twice in succession.

We did the cursory shopping stuff and found the best cake shop ever. Bon Bon next to Accessorize. Trust me they do cakes to die for. I got some bits for the boat (I'm wiring in a horn switch) and went of to look for the moon.

We found the moon in the guise of the Gazebo pub. While all around are charging £3+ a pint. 4 pints here cost less than eight quid. Yes folks the sub £2 pint does still exist and it is good beer.

After spending the rest of the afternoon on the steps down to the water, being suitably watered ourselves, we repaired to the boat, Bones was feeling sleepy. I had planned to return to Walton tonight but due to a minor excess of ale I stayed put. James came over to Kingston to take the others home, bless his little cotton socks.

Milly M at the Anglers

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