Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Jolly Boatman

I have been in Thrupp for some while now. I arrived early November and have not strictly followed the Continuous Cruiser rules, although I did get permission to stay through December due to my eye problems then paid and stayed through January following my broken hand and now I am having my teeth fixed at at Kidlington dentist so I have been kinda 'moored' at Gunpowder Wharf.

Anyway since being a 'resident' I have frequented the Jolly Boatman. I have had many good meals in the JB. Being there over the Christmas and New Year period, family and friends came down often.

Two birthdays, mine and Morts, were celebrated there and the staff came out on both occasions with a cake and sung 'Happy Birthday'.

The food at the Jolly Boatman is reasonably priced and of a high standard. Sunday lunch is a value for money carvery.

Steve and Joan have been the managers there for about 7 years but are due to move to the other side of the ocean and open a Brit Bar in Trinidad. Best of luck to them.

The JB finishes where the walls finish so the tables outside in the picture are on land belonging to BW while the pub is part of the Green King empire. BW allow the tables though as far as I can find out no charge is made.

The pub supports the troops, "If you are in the forces show us your Service I.D. Card for a free beer", though I think if a battalion turns up they might be a bit pissed. Should you be in the area in the next few weeks stop by, you wont be sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Fully support all you've said from my one experience of the JB. Food excellent and good VFM. Staff friendly and helpful. Excellent hostelry !