Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Am I cheap

Well I am back. For info on the holiday see Bones blog


MortimerBones said...


Write your OWN!

AND you had a trip out in the middle!!! (tee hee)

Anonymous said...

10/10 ingenuity!

0/10 Effort

MortimerBones said...

0/10 for ingenuity it is simply outrageous. He sold his house to live in a narrowboat, then goes on holiday for the first time to a *house* and has NOTHING to say for it. gee's. MEN

Anonymous said...

You sound a trifle miffed, Mort. Care to talk about it?

Maff. I think you may just have touched a nerve there. Don't understand it myself. Women !!! Bless them.