Thursday, 24 July 2008

Auction and Khayamanzi

Well what a nice day today. Andy Edwards (nb Khayamanzi) passed by this aftrnoon on his way down to the K&A. I walked along the tow path with him to Roundham Lock and helped him through. I gave him a quick description of how to use his boat hook to prop the lift bridges he would encounter while he moved his boat on down to Isis Lock. It later transpired that a helpful farmer decided to come to his aid and snapped the pole trying to remove it.

This evening when Bones returned from work we set off to the auction of the Bourton Lock cottage which was being held in the pavillion at the Banbury Cricket Club. It is a very nice location built with Lottery money and a grant from the Sports Council.

I am sure we woud have enjoyed the auction if only we had turned up on the right day moreso if we had turned up in the right week. We did however manage to get the right month.

The good news is that next week, at the auction proper, the bar will be open.

Returning from the 'auction' a text from Andy said he was moored up outside the Waterman's Arms above Osney Lock so we stopped by on our way home for a few beers and a chat. Bones recognised the hands of a passerby through the window and said, "That man has hands like Magnetman". Oh yeah right! Strange old thing Magnetman came by just a few minutes later on his new boat and stopped for a chat. So she was right.

Andy presented Bones with three mealworms because he felt sorry for her not being a suitable 'parent' for a goldfish.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you've laid in a stock of:

Rope (To tie her hands to her sides).

A steel rod and some duck tape.

Use the tape to secure steel rod to head to prevent it nodding AND to secure any orifice that is capable of uttering sounds that might sound like "YES".

You may live to regret it if you don't take these reasonable precautions, (there is a lot of DIY to do there judging from the pictures.
Quote "No stress, no worries and most important no work.
Good luck ! !