Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Bloody Kids

I watched with incredulity yesterday afternoon as, while standing on my gunnel, a hireboat from Oxford Cruisers aimed straight at me and crashed into the side of MILLY M. Several items were dislodged off the shelves on the inside of the boat including my TV. I was ejected from my vantage point off the gunnell on to the towpath.

There were four young people on the stern and there seemed to be no discernable effort to stop the collision until it was too late.

There was no need for this to have happened the canal was straight and wide enough for them to pass.

Yes they were apologetic, but that is not the point. Had I not been on board would they have stopped? I doubt it.

Is a half hour instruction session really enough? Do Oxford Cruisers spend enough time with the hirers?


Anonymous said...

Talk to them about compensation and they might take a little time to instruct their customers. I'm sure there must be some damged paintwork in the area to say nothing of the shock to your delicate system and possible whiplash injuries. (Oh no, that's Friday night isn't it)

Anonymous said...

Hello Maffi,
Sorry to hear that Milly was badly bashed, perhaps you can claim damages from the OC hire co.

Anonymous said...

We were in Braunston most of last week and a Blackprince boat we helped up the firs lock told us they were given no practical instruction, just shown a model of a lock and told what to do.