Thursday, 17 July 2008

Lift bridges

Earlier this year BW installed concrete blocks under the balance beams of the lift bridges, down this end of the Oxford, in order, I assume, that the bridge could be fixed open for boats to pass through. Well I can tell you someone doesn't like them. All those I have seen are like this one.

Note the absence of the ring/hook.


Anonymous said...

I found these difficult when Bottle and I took Millie M through a few weeks ago.They were easy enough to pull down until you got to the last bit when you had to fling yourself on them to keep them down. It's a good job that I am somewhat 'tubby' to be able to do this.
Just how are single handed boaters supposed to manage them without anchoring them down I wonder?

Steve said...

I think they would have ground the steel ring off as it stuck up out of the conctete block, therebye presenting a trip hazard. Its dem elf n safety police again!

Pure lunacy :-)