Saturday, 12 July 2008


Well well well local councillor up in arms over graffiti. Andrew Denny posted a story about a council who are complaining that BW didn't clean up all all the graffiti off a bridge recently.

So my bit

Dear Councillor Ellis
Excuse me but does the council contribute to the up keep of the canal? It is obvious that some locals get a lot of pleasure from walking the canal. Given that it is local gangs that are responsible for this graffiti should it not be the job of the local council to clean it off .

By all means get the council to clean the bridges but as to charging BW for the job please remember that these morons are the progeny of your tax payers.

I pay my £850 annual licence fee to BW to maintain the canal not to clean up after these arse wipes have spewed their total lack of education all over the heritage that is the canal system.

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