Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Jolly Boatman again!

I went to the JB earlier today to deliver a letter. Whilst there I had a pint of the black stuff as you do. As soon as the girl pulled the tap it spluttered and spat, empty barrel. Barrel changed and away we go. No! the chap had forgotten to put the gas on. It was sometime before I got what I had paid for although I didn't get it all. It seems that the bar staff, even though they know to pour a pint with the glass tilted, have been instructed to pour Guinness with the glass straight.

The end result is that not only does the pint take a long time to settle it ends up with near on an inch of head on it which, to my guess, is at least 10% of the pint. This cannot be right a pint is a pint. I am quite prepared to accept some head but at 10% that means every tenth glass is pure profit for the publican.

A bitter drinker wouldn't accept it nor a lager drinker so why do they think a Guinness drinker should. Grrrrrrrr!
The JB now has no room for drinkers unless they eat as well, with the old bar taken out of the 'new' dining room there is only an 8 ft bar for the normal drinker. That seems to be frowned on because there are no bar stools either. What was the Carvery area is now filled with tables. In fact the whole pub is a dining room. Is this what the locals really want? I don't know, but I would hazard a guess, that it is not.

The only good thing I can say about it is that now there are boat related pictures, even though they seem to be on the Thames, whereas Steve and Joan didn't have any that I recall.


MortimerBones said...

I bet the guiness was worth the wait though.

Anonymous said...

Ask the young lady if she can put a whisky in it, When she says yes, ask her to fill it with guiness

Adam said...

The whole full pint thing is iniquitous. See, although CAMRA has been banging on about this ever since I started drinking beer (too many years ago to contemplate) and governments of various hues have done sweet Fanny Adams about it.

As a consumer you have to insist on a topup. If enough of us do so the publicans will get the message eventually.