Monday, 7 July 2008

Oooh and again.

Yesterday I was in BOOTS the Chemist where I was having my eyes tested. The optician was somewhat disturbed with what he saw and needed some clarification. A few drop in the eye and all was revealed. I have a torn retina in my left eye. DOH! That is not to be confused with the torn retina I had in my right eye last year

Not to worry he wrote me a report and sent me off to the JR hospital. There I was seen by the very same doc who saw me the last time and he confirmed that I did indeed have a torn retina. Arrangements have been made to fix it on Tuesday.

Given that I will be 'taking it easy' for a couple of weeks I decided that now would be a good time to fill up with water and empty the doo doo tank. So with Morts invaluable help we set off to Eynsham. "Should only take about 3 hours", says I. Five hours later we arrived back at the start point duly filled, emptied and soaked to the skin. Aint boating grand?


nb piston broke said...

Sorry to hear about your eye Maffi hope all goes well on Tuesday. Love the new picture. All the best NB Piston Broke

Anonymous said...

One torn retina is..........two is......

You get the gist!

Are we into a saga of eye drops again.

Seriously look after yourself.

We are only an hours drive away, if you need help.