Friday, 25 July 2008


Since we have been here at Bridge 224a painting has gone on apace. nb Bones is looking in top form and is nearly done. Our neighbour Mark nb Woodsman has a pet cat, though looking at his tattooed face you could be forgiven for thinking he might own a Rottweiler. The cats name is Tyson and for an old 'un he is quite spritely. He often comes to visit scrounging food. If you pay him attention he is a happy little soul, but stop the stroking and he will sink his teeth onto your nearest soft bits.


Anonymous said...

Well stop stroking Pussy, as you now know the out come, silly you.


Steve and Claire said...

Hi Maffi, Penelope here - nice meeting you in Kidlington. Just found your blog. We just got ours online although still learning how to work it.