Wednesday, 8 April 2009


The job is going well, I seem to be the blue eyed boy. The wall is finished, the new floor laid and the new window installed. The security camera has been moved to its new home. Everything that doesn't move have been painted dark green.

Just as things are going along fine the Maffster bangs his head and bleeds all over the place. Visit to the nurse at the doctors surgery she tells me I am going to live.

As well as collecting a number of fossils and a few bones around the site I saw a rather large grass snake yesterday up at the top of the big lake.


Halfie said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere, Maffi. Good to hear the job's going well; hope the bonce recovers quickly.

Pro Tools 2020.12 Bayno said...

Funny to read two accounts of your head bang, Bones's version is a little more in-depth, yours is somewhat matter of fact.

KH said...

You always were a bit of a bl*****g head banger ! ! !. SYMPATHY ? Try the dictionary. Just hope you didn't damage your new paintwork.

Sue1946 said...

Maffi - it's 18th May here in Ozland! What's news old mate?