Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Are Braunston boaters crap?

nb MALTEZER arrived a couple of nights ago and moored behind Mort's mooring.. The bank is soft and boats are subject to losing their grip on the hard floating across the canal causing a block.

nb JOLA NO6 had a problem with the blockage and in the process of mooring behind me to secure MALTEZER gave Milly M a bit of a bang mainly due to the fact that instead of mooring and then eating his bacon sarnie he was consentrating more on the sarnie. A stupid thing to do when one is mooring up let alone when the wind is blowing a gale. Their traveling companion on nb CHARLOTTE hit me too, twice and not gently either.

Not one of them apologised for the bumps.

Both these old dodderers were from Braunston. Am I to assume that Braunston Boaters are crap at boating?

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