Monday, 21 September 2009

Back to work today.

Oh did I need this today. I have slowly been going off my trolley sitting about on the wharf. Its been 8 weeks now. I am glad to be back.

At the quarry most of the flowers have gone though there are still a few small patches of Evening Primrose and a swathe of Daisies (Oxeye?).
The Evening Primrose gets its name from the habit of the flowers which open in the evening for the moths to pollinate them. At this time of the year they open most of the day for what ever is out there to pollinate them. A sort of slapper of the plant world. Almost all the rest are now well into seed with quite a large forest of Teasel heads and Thistles.
The flower boxes are still doing well.

The local Buzzard is much in view and the Crows have stop lunching on Newt Burgers. Our very own Little Ring Necked Plovers, despite the efforts made to preserve them, were all seemingly taken by one or the other of our Fox population.

As Autumn draws on the quarry is slowly going from green to grey via brown. The Deer has not been seen of late but will be back soon I am sure.


Bones said...

Nice flower boxes!

BigJohn said...

So glad to see you're back in the wider world of work again. Take Care! ... and keep up the good work at the quarry.
John & Fi