Monday, 21 September 2009


Here is a challenge for all those who think I am harsh and negative in my posts.

A boat comes past, not just fast past a moored boat but exceeding the 4 mph speed limit. You know he is exceeding the limit because his girlfriend is running along the towpath trying to catch him up.

You have a few words.

He says he can't go any slower.

100 yards further on he discards her jacket into the canal.

She continues on her way and he speeds away.

Now the challenge is, you have had a hard day at work, write a blog about this


Anonymous said...



Maffi said...


Anonymous said...

What grumpy old man you are!


Maffi said...

Thank you for your support Liz I shall wear it always :)

Maffi said...

I asked this simply because it actually happened today when I arrived home from work and rather than offend all you lovely people out there I thought some of you might like to give me an example of how it might be done.

PS I have retrieved the jacket to stop it from fouling anyones propeller the proper action of any self-respecting GOG.

Bones said...

why write about it at all?

Maffi said...

Why write about anything at all? I have an opinion and I want to write about it.