Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Cheeky sods!

This has to be the cheekiest Phishing Scam ever it blatantly asks straight out for your pin number passwords and secret answers. I wonder if the Bank of America knows about this? What really is surprising is that some poor sods will fall for this hook line and sinker.


Bill Rodgers said...

I get those all the time and yes BofA know about them. Just can't stop them. I also get contacted at least once a week that a person with my same last name left Millions of dollars and with my help the Nigerian lawyer and I can claim the money if I send him $1500 to cover the expenses. Goes to prove that some people in this world are a waste of flesh.

paul said...

Get them all the time down here in Oz. The best one is a absolute perfect copy of the Australian taxation office header, it asks for all your bank details so they can directly deposit your tax rebate into your bank account! Yeah right.