Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Class Act

I found nb ANONYMOUS TWO a while back and added it to my blogroll, but have only just looked at it. Its a good'un. I particularly like the old car wheel used as a spacer, good idea. I use wheelbarrow wheels. What I want now is flashy wheel trims for them like Jim has for his! Jim's got class!
Jim & Paula list as one of their many interests, "sampling the red wines of the world", what top people. I think I will keep my head down till I get my invite, maybe I should send them a CV, what do you think?

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Jim and Paula said...

Hi Maffi, thank you for the very kind comments re our web site. Rest assured, when our paths cross, we will share a bottle of red (or 3). All the best, Jim & Paula.
PS The wheels came for free from the Rickmansworth recycling centre!!