Sunday, 20 September 2009


I found out today that the Saudi company I used to work for, and who owed me shed loads of money, has gone out of business. So I thought I would write to a Senior official in their Ministry of Defence to ask why these charlatans were nor punished for misappropriation of government funds and gross misconduct in the management of this government contract and corporate manslaughter (6 or more paks and flips died because they could not get medical care). Reasonable question!

Well according to this site this url will get me the Ministry of Defence.

What it did get me was a blank page. Maybe you may have better luck.

I don’t suppose I really expected anything else.

Indeed the brothers who ran this company now have lucrative UK government contracts in this country. Now why doesn’t that surprise me?


Dave Winter said...

I don't know if this link is any good to you.It was an addition to the other link you gave.
Dave Winter(brassiclint) on Twitter

Maffi said...

Thank Dave but that brings me to the same blank page.