Saturday, 19 September 2009


I am one of those people who 'never ceases to be amazed'. Today my amazement is at the stupidity of some people who hire boats. This is not a boating thing this is just stupidity. These boats are issued with mooring pins, in fact the stern rope is tied to a pin that was placed next to a mooring ring.
The hire boat in front is moored on two pins I just cant understand why this lot made no effort to to use some common sense. Like I said this is not a boating thing its should be perfectly clear to any one, including the perps, that this is wrong.


Heffalump said...

What's the name of the boat? I can shame them when they bring it back XD

BigJohn said...

Did you kindly give them some advice?

Halfie said...

At least they were being careful not to use the trip hazard approach of the boat in your photo.