Friday, 4 September 2009

Oh and about my foot!

Following a little step off the boat rupturing my Achilles tendon I am, I'm pleased to say, on the mend. I had the op 5 days after the incident and kept the plaster on for 19 days. Then I was given this little number. Not exactly Gucci but under the circumstances it will do. I have had this nearly 4 weeks. It is not the nicest but without it I would be screwed. At least now I can sleep without it which makes a great difference not only to my sleep but also my hips. The whole job could take 9 month before I am A4 G4 Z1 fit but hey ho!

If I am lucky I may be able to leave it off in a week or two.


Unknown said...

Not necessarily, My ruptured achilles tendon was part of my demob, A4 G4 Z4 unfit any further service, but hey got a good pension and tax free!

Miss Ann Thrope said...

Those aircast boots are brilliant. Prior to their invention patients would have to endure multiple POP applications with the ankle in different positions whilst the tendon repaired.

You'll soon be Fred Astaire again :o)