Saturday, 26 September 2009


I recieved yest another phishing scam in an email today. I get several a week. I wonder how many people fall for these scams?

It's the return email addresses that get me. Todays was from a
Deputy Governor
Financial and Survilliance
Central Bank Of Nigeria(CBN).
Telephone Number :234-70-41804248

His email address you have to laugh.

I recently had one from a David Stephens his email was which for those not in the know is the domain for Brighton University I of course replied to David and cc'd my reply to every faculty member I could find on the website.

I know I am a rotten bastard but hey ho!

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(Definitely) Bob said...

You rotten bastard!

My last one was some woman apparently on her deathbead being consumed with cancer. Nice to know she still took the time to send me an email...