Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Sometimes I even surprise myself. The other day, Monday I think, I came back to the boat from the tea room and found 4 cans of the black stuff and a thank you card on my chair outside the boat. The card said 'With thanks for being so thoughtful'. Well I can tell you I was Flabberghasted in fact my ghast had never been so flabbered.

What had I done? I havent a clue! There was no name, no boat name, nothing. I really must be slipping. I thank the perpetrators from the bottom of my beer belly but cannot for the life of me think what it was I did to deserve this.

Well enough of this self deprecating bullshit best I drink up before they come and ask for them back. Cheers dudes. Click Ssssssssss Gulp!

Thank you whoever you are!


Bones said...

as your neighbour it is only right and proper that you share them..

Maffi said...